How Long Will My Mattress Last

The Lifespan of a Traditional Bed Mattress

Consumers often inquire about the anticipated lifespan of a traditional bed mattress. While individual brand warranties and vary, in general you should expect to own a high quality mattress for between 8 and 15 years.

The Traditional Mattress 101

Today, bed and mattress retailers market an impressive variety of high-quality products. The popular innerspring bed mattress joins several other varieties of mattresses as a possible consumer selection: the foam mattress, the memory-foam mattress, the waterbed mattress, the air mattress, and the hybrid mattress (combining two or more types of mattresses) all constitute common choices in the USA. All of these selections offer both advantages and disadvantages.

What sets the traditional innerspring bed mattress apart? This design incorporates one or more layers of metal coils inside the mattress. These “springs” provide a supportive framework reinforced with upholstery material and, typically, several additional layers of padding and foam. An attractively stitched envelope of fabric covers the mattress. Most manufacturers envision a two mattress system: a heavy box springs mattress on the bottom level and a lighter mattress on the top which may (or may not) also include coils. Durable innerspring bed mattresses have existed for decades. While variations in quality may occur, these products generally offer long lasting support. Many careful design and safety considerations are involved in the manufacturing process.

Meet Your Mattress Coils

While most mattresses utilize metal coils within the interior, different manufacturers have created some innovative mattress springs. For instance, coils may display important distinctions in terms of the number and conformation of coils, the gauge of the metal, the spacing of the coils within the mattress, and the use of padding. Some companies enclose individual coils within cocoon-like cushions of fabric and upholster them tightly inside the mattress to ensure support for every area of the surface.

Frequently, the quality of the manufacturing contributes to price differences between product lines. This type of mattress may cost quite a bit more initially, yet may indeed provide solid value as a bedding product over the course of years. The addition of a “pillow-top” layer to the surface of the mattress supplies an extra level of comfort; the manufacturer sews extra upholstery padding on the upper portion of the innerspring mattress, furnishing even more cushioning.

Always shop for your new mattress in person. Finding a new mattress requires trying it out to ensure you love the feel and can get a great night’s sleep on it.Furthermore, individual preferences sometimes cause customers to favor one product line over another. If you’ve enjoyed a particular brand of mattress in the past, the odds remain good you’ll appreciate new products supplied by that manufacturer.

Mattress Durability

While manufacturers create mattresses to last for years with good care, your mattresses lifespan depends on how you treat it. To check the condition of an innerspring mattress, periodically inspect both the top and the bottom for signs of damage. Torn or frayed fabric, protruding coils, stains or loose upholstery stitching all signify developing problems. If you notice this damage at an early stage, taking corrective action may provide a cost-effective solution. Essentially, if you find a problem early in you may be be able to repair it or you may be covered by your manufacturer’s warranty.

Shopping for A Mattress in Lancaster PA

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