Lower Back, Hip & Shoulder Pain

If you experience chronic back, hip, or shoulder pain, you may need a new mattress as part of a multi-faceted plan to get relief. Unfortunately, these types of chronic pain are extremely common in most people for a variety of causes resulting from our daily lives. Common causes can result from chronic injuries, surgeries, work, and even every day stress and poor posture. The mattress you sleep on can relieve or exacerbate that pain and stiffness. As mattresses age and lose their support, they can amplify or even directly cause different types of pain and discomfort. A good mattress needs to contour into the arch of your back for support, which allows the muscles to relax and reduces back pain. Sometimes flat beds create gaps where your legs and spine are not supported.

Solution: Anyone suffering from lower back pain would benefit from a mattress surface with pressure relief like memory foam, latex, gel, even a pocketed coil. A power adjustable bed is a great option offering the ability to elevate your legs and head. These beds are also helpful for hip and shoulder pain because it takes the weight off of the pressure points.