Taking Care Of Your Mattress

Most mattresses have been designed to bring you many years of comfort and enjoyment. By taking regular care of your mattress, you can get the maximum return on your investment. Follow these tips to extend the lifetime of your mattress.



DO keep your original receipt. This will provide proof and date of purchase and will provide your retailer with all the information they need to begin the process of a possible warranty claim.

DO ROTATE your mattress end-to-end (and flip if two-sided) once or twice during the first two months. After two months, it is recommended you rotate/flip your mattress quarterly. This will help to equalize naturally formed body impressions and high spots in the mattress.

DO use center supports. Center supports with support feet on a frame, platform, or complete bed provide the support that a queen or king needs to ensure long lasting life, and also protect your warranty.

DO use a mattress pad or mattress protector. This protects your mattress from wetness and soiling.*

DO purchase a mattress and box spring as a set (unless you have a platform bed). Old box springs lose strength and support over time.



DON’T bend your mattress when transporting. This can damage the innerspring. Flex rather than bend the mattress when moving it.

DON’T bend the corners of your mattress when putting on fitted sheets.

DON’T stand or jump on your mattress.

DON’T allow your mattress to get wet.*

DON’T use the handles (if equipped) on your mattress to lift, carry or move your mattress. The handles are specifically designed for positioning only and will not carry the full weight of the mattress. Handles that have pulled out are not covered under the warranty.

* Wet or soiled mattresses are not covered under the warranty, and will void your warranty.