One-Time 30 Day Sleep Trial Exchange

Terms and Conditions*

20% Restocking Fee upon Returns *select models/maufacturers*

$100.00 Local Delivery Exchange Fee

American Sleep Center Requires all customers to sleep on their new mattress for a full 30 days before an exchange can take place, as it may take up to 30 days to acclimate to any new sleep surface. It is normal to feel a range of discomfort the first few nights on any new mattress, your body needs time when adjusting to a brand new supportive sleep surface.

American Sleep Center does not guarantee comfort; however, we do offer our customers a one-time 30 day sleep trial with the following conditions.

The original mattress must not be torn, stained or marked in any way or the exchange is voided. Customer must purchase a Protect-A-Bed for the one-time 30 day sleep trial. Protect-A-Bed is not RETURNABLE.

This one-time 30 day sleep trial does not include Furniture, Adjustable Bed Bases,
Air Beds, Water Beds, Split-Top Mattresses, close out mattress or any other special cut mattresses. These are special orders, therefore not RETURNABLE.

Exchange must be for the same value originally purchased. Should for any reason a mattress of lesser value is the choice of exchange, customer will receive a store credit for one year of issue date.

If customer chooses to use the one-time 30 day sleep trial, ASC is required to inspect & pick-up the original mattress set/mattress as long as mattress set/mattress has met all requirements. ASC will pick up original set/mattress and deliver new mattress set/mattress.