A waterbed matching a rustic bedroom set. American Sleep Center sells waterbeds in Lancaster PA.


Waterbeds provide a comfortable, relaxing night's sleep that doesn't feel like anything else. Buy your waterbed in Lancaster PA at American Sleep Center.Waterbed Mattress. Waterbeds for sale in Lancaster PA at American Sleep Center.

Modern Waterbed mattress. American sleep center sells waterbeds.

Technologically Advanced Waterbed Systems

If you’ve always wanted a waterbed, now is the perfect time to buy. American Sleep Center is your waterbed expert, able to answer all of your questions and offer great prices on waterbeds and waterbed mattresses. Located right on the Fruitville Pike, we carry the most convenient and best waterbeds Lancaster, PA has to offer.

In the 1960’s there were no studies on the support systems that we all have today. Waterbed mattresses were vinyl bags of water that contained 8 inches of “unsupervised waves”! Today we have learned how to offer different degrees of waves by using tethered fibers.

Over the years new technology has emerged to provide better lumbar support for just about every type of mattress available including innerspring, memory foam, and even pure rubber mattresses. Waterbed mattress manufacturers have also followed suit. As a result, today’s waterbeds offer better lumbar support than ever before, allowing your spine to relax correctly while you sleep. Although adjustable beds provide some of the best lumbar relief on the market, the addition of fiber in water mattresses gives you better support than previous models. Using different amounts of fiber offers several different comfort levels.

We are proud to offer new technologically advanced waterbed sleep systems! Choose from our selection of Hard Side or decide on a more conventional Soft Side mattress.

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Stylish hardside waterbed. Waterbeds and waterbed mattress for sale in Lancaster PA.

Hardside Waterbed Frames

*Hardside side frames no longer available; picture for information purpose only.

Hard side waterbed frames have four wooden sides that resemble a crate. Soft padded rails cover the wooden edges to make getting in and out of it easier. Your mattress is generally 8 inches deep and is a true water bed. Decorative bookcase headboards in pine or oak are available as well as matching furniture to cozy up your bedroom. These beds are all different sizes than your standard mattress size and require hardside bed sheets and linens. We carry sheets, mattress pads, hardside covers, comforters, padded rails, heaters, conditioner, and several styles of the hardside.

Softside waterbeds making getting out of bed easy. Buy your softside waterbed in Lancaster PA at American Sleep Center.

Softside Waterbed Mattresses

A soft side waterbed frame is a wonderful solution that makes getting in and out of a bed effortless but allows that wonderful gentle rocking motion that can soothingly lull you into a great night’s rest! These frames are the same dimensions as a conventional mattress so you can use your existing headboard and fit the mattress right into a heavy duty metal frame! Regular linens can be used with a softside mattresses. However, if you are interested in new bedroom furniture, we are more than happy to help you chose the right set for your home. These beds offer 6″ or 8″ bladders and an assortment of different mattresses to accommodate anyone’s comfort preference and needs. A low watt heater can also be used.

A do not disturb waterbed mattress.

Do Not Disturb Mattress Features

If you’ve always wanted a waterbed, but were worried about the drawbacks, you should visit American Sleep Center  today to see the new options! We have a mattress for everyone. We even offer a “do not disturb” waterbed mattress!

A dual mattress is available so if your partner weighs more or frequently gets up during the night, you won’t feel them! You can even use two separate heaters in these mattresses which allows you to keep your side at your own temperature preference. There is no greater feeling than getting into a warm cozy bed that will slowly embrace you into a deeper more restorative night’s slumber.

Waterbed replacement parts available at American Sleep Center

Waterbed Replacement Parts

In addition to our full line of new Softside and Hardside waterbeds, we also supply all replacement components, such as:

  • new bladders
  • heaters
  • liners
  • hardside covers
  • waterbed insert mattresses
  • mattress pads
  • sheets
  • conditioners
  • accessories

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